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Dream World Video Productions uses professional JVC Cameras to make your production the very best. We use both the KY-27 series and the new DY-90 Digital S camera which provides picture quality so sharp, you would swear it was live. There are many production companies that use a digital format, like DV or DVCAM for recording, but these formats are limited in performance. Most "DV" or digital formats are limited to 25MB/sec where as the Digital S or D9 format is 50MB/sec and is in 4:2:2 separation. In terms of picture quality, Digital S or D9 is equal to Digital BetaCam and is as close as you can get to live without actually being there.

Both cameras are three chip cameras utilizing newly developed CCD's with High 750 Line Resolution or better, High Sensitivity and a Superb Signal to Noise ratio of 62 dB at 0 gain. These are the same camera's that are used to capture the images on some "Cop" television shows. With Super Sensitivity, good color balance is maintained even down to 2-lux illumination! What does this all mean? It means, that whatever the demand is, we can handle it. From hand held use to studio configuration, we are capable of capturing the very best of your production.

Dream World Video Productions is the proud new owner of the GLIDECAM V-20 Professional Camera Stabilization System. Designed to allow us to walk, run, go up and down stairs or shoot from moving vehicles is perfect for shooting the type of ultra-smooth tracking shots that take your audience's breath away. Whether you are shooting commercials, industrials, documentaries, music videos, news, or full length motion pictures, the Glidecam Glidecam V-20 will take you where few others have traveled. Click on the image or here to see a demonstration video of the V-20 (V-16) in use. Video courtesy of GlideCam Industries.
Image courtesy of GlideCam Industries

Dream World Video Productions uses ReelTime + Nitro, a broadcast professional non-linear editing system from Pinnacle Systems. This Windows based system uses a dual 2.0GHz Xeon processor system with over 2 GB of RAM and multiple RAID storage systems. This system allows us to capture, edit and master in a complete digital environment using the SDI interface . This PC based system utilizes the latest in editing and compositing software and can provide the most stunning effects to any program. We can master the output into many formats, including DVD and for use on the web

Some of our other gear:

  • Wireless, lavaliere, shotgun, and handheld microphones from Audix, Sony and Sennheiser
  • Professional lighting equipment from Lowell, NRG, Times Square and many more
  • LCD video projector
  • Scan and shoot system for product shots and photo to video conversions
  • Multiple camera systems for large event coverage
  • Theatrical lighting and sound systems for any size event.
Dreamworld Video Productions